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It all started with our blog in Jan 2012 when our team began promoting it's offline design setup on the internet along with marvels from Indian artists, designers and creators on that forum. Within two years of its existence, we were able to create a community that appreciated raw fashion, loved Indian culture and connected people back to their desi roots. In 2014, the team decided to create a brand that is dedicated to everything Indian and thus was born, The bigshoptree.

Our Inspiration

'The rich Indian culture that our textbooks talk of isn't just ink spilled in vain' evolved the thought of transforming...from westernisation to Indianisation.

Our Brand Highlights

Driven by the vision to connect or reconnect Indians to their roots, we at The bigshoptree are aiming to promote artists and their crafts & creations at a very reasonable price. Unlike other retailers, we don’t have exorbitant profit margins, but what you are ultimately going to pay for is the artist’s 100 hours of failures & experiments, his/her piece of heart but most importantly a moment of their life! And of course we offer tailor made services for you. To showcase our expert design skills and craftsmanship, where each and every couture inspired piece is designed in our boutique, we present our made to measure “bespoke” service. Inspired by the magic of India, we are focussed on delivering personalized style. From perfect fit to trousseau customization, we are going to make it all possible for you with a click of a button! NewsPatrolling.com

Where Are We Located?

Our creative, marketing and customer service teams are based in New Delhi, India and we now have brand representative in United States of America. We retail globally through our online store www.bigshoptree.com. Our shipping is free in India and Flat $15 across the globe. We encourage you to talk to us via email, live chat on our website or call us on +91 9811802036

Our Team

We are a small family of creative writers, designers, artists & curators ! Our travels across the country got us to meet and see artists from the interiors of the nation. Artisians associated wih our design studio are being managed by our M.D and visionary, Mr. Pradeep Kohli. He is the officer-in- command who will answer all your queries happily! To get in touch with us, you can email us on support@bigshoptree.com or contact us on +91 9811802036.

In Our Offline setup, we created many happy customers.